As a creative solo-entrepreneur you may have figured out by now there are so many hats to wear. And at times it can suck the life out of you and not knowing what hat to wear and at which time! With only so many hours each day, you may find that your website and marketing efforts often fall flat or put on the back burner. Am I right?


You are destined to do great things and hey that’s why you started your business after all, but you weren’t born Super Woman and can’t do absolutely. every. thing. all day every day. It’s exhausting.

Life’s too short to neglect your website and marketing for your business. ESPECIALLY now. When you hustle as hard as you do and meet great people at that last networking event, where do you think they’re going to turn to find out more about you? Yep your website and social media.

It sucks having to try and figure it all out on your own especially when it’s not your zone of genius to do this brand building and marketing thing for your business.

Until now.

Join like-minded women utilising the phenomenal branding and marketing resources & education provided in The Bloom Collective’s membership. From marketing templates, personal branding designed templates, website know-how, already designed for you Facebook and Instagram posts, self-paced workbooks and education to build a better brand and so much more!

I’ve dedicated this membership to helping you build a phenomenal brand and business that is so powerful, it practically does most of the leg work of finding clients for you.


Your Marketing Mojo


Master Your Website


Social Media Made Fun



I’m bringing you the tools and content you need to market your brand and business. Use our templates to bring efficiency into your business. I’m simplifying your conversion process.


From courses to modules and planners, not only am I providing the tools to become a success at marketing, I show you how!

What Your Brand Style Quiz

Take the “What’s My Branding Style” Quiz and discover how you can brand your business.

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Access downloadable workbooks, and easy to implement mini-marketing training for members to build a better business.

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Access the PDF workbook Be Unforgettable and learn how to create your own distinctive brand for your business.

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Grab a copy of the Wildly Productive and Focussed Workbook and learn how to prioritise your day, week and even plan out your 90 days.

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Monthly Brand & Marketing Mini-Power Training: Learn each month how to integrate super simple marketing strategies into your business.


The Creative With Canva. This four part workshop is ready and waiting for you to learn to master Canva. You’ll not only learn how to get around Canva but learn how to communicate your brand visually and understand why colours and fonts are so very important - before learning how to design your own unique graphics.

mini-power monthly training

Delivered to you the membership is your private coaching arena.

The monthly mini-power training sessions will certainly have you focussing on what’s really important to launch or maintain a brand that sets you apart, grow your audience, increase your income, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Already-Designed-For-You Graphics Library

For Your Social Media Feed

Who has time to whip up graphics and keep your newsfeed active?

Access the continuously updated library of graphics that you can turn to on the fly. Download to add your content in Canva or simply select the ‘already have written content’ graphics.


Kind Words…


The Bloom Collective’s Membership is exactly what I needed to figure out my brand and website. The beautifully designed information is clear and encouraging. It’s such a great platform to use with all the workbooks, templates and community to easily to turn to.

Amanda T.


It’s my mission:

To help you get where you need to be, a little smarter and a little quicker with some fun along the way.

I don’t want you to be overwhelmed with branding and marketing your business anymore. I’ve done all the leg work for you. I’ve been trained by the best as well as researched and I’ve implemented what I’ve learnt since 2012 into my own brand and with my design clients.

As a Creative Director and business owner with an affinity for marketing I know what it’s like with the hurdles and struggles to run a business. But I also know what it takes to have a successful brand and as your mentor I’ve provided all the important tools and resources you need in The Bloom Collective’s Membership

that will radically transform your branding, marketing and mindset


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Kind Words…

I absolutely loved the Creative with Canva course and it really simplified how to use it and has given me confidence to use it. Kellie has a huge amount of knowledge and really spent a lot of time to make sure everyone really benefitted from doing the course.

Sarah Davies

The Creative with Canva course run by Kellie, was just perfect for me, I loved all the tips and tricks and the links to the useful websites. It has also made me much more aware of how to use design and colours in not only Canva but all aspects of my business. Thanks Kellie!

Clare Robinson


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