Your Branding Vibe Would Be More Inspired By

the Autumn/Fall Season, Boho-Gypsy Whimsical Style

Your branding style is more inspired by nature, with warm imagery and autumn hues to complement a whimsical font! Think of your branding style more down to earth, flower power and dream catcher inspired.


A few of your keywords for your branding would be like:

adventurous, boho, calming, dreamy, dream catcher, feathers, good vibes, gyspy, peace, natural, nature lover.

Here are a few graphic examples using your theme:

Click through over to Creative Market’s website

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market


The images over on would help you portray this style and vibe:

This link will take you through to and to my Collection: Autumn_Bohemian Gypsy Board


Create your own Brand Inspiration Board on Pinterest. Use this theme/style as a springboard to start the creative process.

Here are a few Font choices for this kind of branding style

Splurge [on a budget] fonts:

To search for fonts on Creative Markets select > Fonts > Script category.

Here are a couple of examples:

Please note: if you’re not ready to commit or confident in purchasing a font please feel free to tag me and raise your question/s in The Bloom Academy’s Facebook group.

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

Save [Free] fonts:

Google fonts overs free downloadable fonts that you can use for commercial use.



On Canva:

Click through to see the best fonts I’ve chosen for this Branding style: BEST SCRIPT FONTS IN CANVA - PAGE 1

Here are a few colour selections for this kind of branding style:

For the cool and calm effect try using:


For vibrant and energised effect try some of these colours:

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