3 Main Goals Your Website Must Have

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How’s your website going? Is it doing what it’s supposed to be? How many enquiries have you got via your website? Any?

Your website is the first place people turn to find out more about what you do and how you can help them. Your website shouldn’t be a glorified business card. Is your website a business card?

In order for your website to do what it’s supposed to be doing is to have three main goals. These goals are CONNECT, CAPTURE AND CONVERT with your audience and most aligned customers.


Your website should be connecting with your ideal clients and audience. So how do you do this? Great Q! You brand it according to your clients and audience. Branding your website and business means you’re creating a visual aspect that will connect with your main peeps.

Colours and fonts [among many other things] help visually interpret you, your business and what you offer. Create a vibe that’ll ignite your audience and win their hearts. Create a theme that not only you love but what your audience will love.

In this crowded online space you’ve got to stand out to be seen. Avoid looking like everyone else in your industry and go for something different when it comes to your branding.


This second goal Capture your audience means your most ideal red-carpet clients or customers should be jumping onto your email newsletter list.

Capturing your audience not only means capturing their hearts but you want to also capture their name and email address while they’re there on your website. Is your website capturing people’s email addresses?

Here are a couple of examples of how to capture their email:

  • Give them an ebook free option offer to solve a problem they may have- this would be ideal if you’re in the service industry

  • If you’re bricks and mortar or sell products - give them a discount offer.

This is also called reciprocity. Give them a free gift such as free eBook in exchange for their name email address.

Then treat them like they are your RED-CARPET client or customer.

And keep in touch with them at least once a week. You’ve got to remember not everyone on your list is ready to buy but they’re happy to be receive an email newsletter from you.

If you’ve been putting off putting an eBook together - check out the products in my Bloom Store - they’ve already been laid out and designed and ready in Canva templates for you.



The third goal is to convert your audience into buying customers. This is well and good Kellie but how do you do this? Great Q!

You set up a sales funnel. Not that I like using phrase, it sounds too clinical, but rather see it as a customer’s journey. Lead them along a [yellow brick] path Dorothy. ;)

Once your ideal red carpet customers are on your email list - give them a reason to stay on your list. GIVE GIVE and GIVE.

If you’re a product based business they say it takes 7 times to be in front of your people before they buy. BUT that doesn’t mean you bombard them with 7 emails in 7 days. NOPE!

Automate your emails. Follow up the next day - ask them if they downloaded their ebook. Remind them why they signed up.

Here are few other ways you can give to your audience in your automated emails:

  • Follow up with a blog post that’s relevant to that ebook

  • Share the reason why you’re in business / what’s the purpose and/or what’s your unique factor

  • Share your story and how you can help them

Really the list goes on!

But don’t ask for the sale too soon or too late.

I’ve done both [too early and too late] and from my experience I recommend you tweak and tweak until it’s right. Remember the more you pivot in business and your strategies the better you get.

And if you’re on my Bloom Tribe email list - I’ll be sharing with you [and only you] a video masterclass on critiquing and providing feedback on a few websites so that these 3 main goals are working for you.