5 Killer Tips For Your Opt-in Ebook

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Surprisingly, even in 2019, there are still a few businesses that are not utilising their website to its full capacity by capturing potential clients name and email. And a few websites who do ask for potential client details it’s often accompanied with “sign up to my newsletter”.

There are a few things wrong with this if you are trying to grow:

  1. your email list at a fairly good pace and

  2. grow your know, like and trust factor just through your blog posting or marketing

Why waste time and a perfectly good opportunity not to connect with a potential client?

And besides, no one wants to opt in to some generic as a newsletter.

In order to build a sustainable business these days, you need to build your email list through your marketing and nurture those people on this list.

And to quickly master your Know, Like and Trust factor for a potential client, offer an opt-in gift such as eBook in exchange for their email.

An email PDF offer is also known as a lead magnet, freebie and/or opt-in.

And there are so many things you can offer for free. But today I want to talk about the quickest and easiest way of creating an offer by creating an eBook [aka PDF ebook]

But I don’t want you to think you can quickly whip up a two page pdf as an eBook and say you’re done. You do want to spend some time getting your eBook just right as this is an opportunity to introduce you, your brand and what you offer to them.

So today, I want to make it super easy for you to brainstorm a few ideas for your opt-in eBook gift.

Tip #1: Set the purpose

What is the purpose for creating your eBook? What would you love your ideal client to know. be. or do.?

Be clear about why you are creating the eBook. Decide if you want to share little golden nuggets of your expertise or whether you want to talk/educate about an entire subject within your industry and niche.

What results do you hope to get out of creating your opt-in eBook?

And not to forget set the purpose for your potential client.

Tip #2: Delight your ideal clients

Knowing exactly who you’re writing the eBook for is a fundamental for your eBook. You don’t want to create an eBook for your peers (even though some of us learn the hard way). Identify a specific one pain point of a problem they need solving and your eBook will help them solve it – right here right now - or today!

How can you delight your clients by solving their problem or give them an answer to a question they have right now?

Tip #3: Design of your eBook does count

Delight your clients more by providing a wonderful experience from your eBook. The look and feel of your eBook is another fundamental that businesses often overlook.

Remember this eBook represents you and your brand and it should set a tone as to how extraordinary you and your brand are.

And if you love Canva but don’t want to start something from scratch check out the already designed-for-you eBook Canva templates in The Bloom Store


Tip #4: Brainstorm for a fabulous title for your eBook

Spend some time brainstorming the fabulous title. Write anything and everything down that comes to mind.

Some may suggest start with your title first then write from there and others may suggest create your title after you’ve completed your eBook.

For me personally I’ve started with the title then wrote my eBooks but I’ve always managed to go back, reviewed and re-written it. Once I’ve completed my eBook I’ve set a tone, an experience, and realised the title I started with needed maturing or massaged into an eye catching title and/or phrase.

If for nothing, when starting with a title, it will help kick start with an idea of what you want to write about, keep you on track and not stray from the topic.

Tip #5: #JFDI Just F**kn do it!

Get going and do it. It may not be perfect. Your eBook won’t be published and printed in hard back. Put it out there and share it with your potential audience. You are in a position to make edits and change things later.

What are you struggling with when it comes to creating an eBook?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

Kellie xo