How to really stand out and make your competition irrelevant

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Truth bomb alert: you may have discovered there are millions of others around the globe who do what you do. It's a little disheartening and it can be soul-wrenching at times. You know what you offer is extremely useful and valuable and you know people are buying. But you maybe asking yourself - how can I standout, be seen and get clients to choose me [and not your competition]? What will make them click and work with me?


So today I wanted to share with you how you can create something truly unique, get your potential clients excited to work with you and make yourself memorable, in order to stand out as well as and making your competition irrelevant.

Let's start with what you offer and let's say you're in the service industry - maybe your at Virtual Assistant or a Business Coach.

My first recommendation is to bring you and your personality into your branding and package your offerings. In order to be unforgettable [so that your potential clients remember you] - add more you into your brand. Create a personal brand which is your packaging and position your offerings based on your strengths.

I often got enquiries from potential clients asking if I did logos. I didn’t offer this as a designer. It wasn’t my strength and doing them didn’t float my boat to do these projects. So I began to think I need to be more specific in what I offered on my “services” page. And discovered I was much more beneficial [better work & ideas] to those who needed a designer that could specialise in eBook design and styling their branding. This was my zone of genius and thrived off the energy that my clients got when we were done.

But whatever services I provided, I never sold my services by the hour.

Avoid selling your services by the hour

Instead package your services based on your strengths. This allowed me to be in my zone more often doing what I loved most.

Eliminate the hourly rate from your packages. Instead create three packages based on your talents. The first package is often known as the “no brainer”. It’s the smallest investment for your potential clients. This package is really affordable and the cheapest option to work with you. For them it’s an introductory to how you work and to see if they want to work you on another project. And if it doesn’t work out then they haven’t “lost” much.

Avoid checking out the competition

Don't seek what your competition are doing. Why? Because it may not be working out for them or even you. What may seem really cool to offer your clients may turn out to be a nightmare. Stick with your own talents and strengths.

How can you add that special something for your clients?

If you haven’t already, identify your unique selling point (USP) and to do this my recommendation is to add you and your talent into your services.

If you're a VA who loves WordPress because you’ve been tweaking your own website for months now and super confident to work on WP websites. Then add WordPress packages into a service package.

Maybe you're a Business Coach who loves to motivate others and you’re super awesome at kicking others into gear with a no BS approach, then add a three-month program package that keeps clients motivated daily for the 3 months to grow.

Whatever services you decide to package make sure you add you, your talents and strengths to your packages and this will make your competition irrelevant. And to ensure your brand is truly unique, brand you by creating a personal brand.

Within the first five years of being an Entrepreneur you will pivot and change. It’s only natural to do this. You will tweak what works and what doesn’t in what you offer and who you serve.

My recommendation is to create a personal [also known as a signature brand] then if you happen to pivot there won’t be much to change with your branding, marketing and visuals. All you’d need to tweak a few things and some written content on your website.

So how are you going with packaging your offerings? Leave a comment below if you’re wanting help with this topic or if it resonated with you.