Learn how to tell not sell: what every entrepreneur needs to know

How to Tell and not Sell.png

Ever heard the phrase “tell don’t sell?”

Whether you offer products, bricks and mortar or a service, it doesn’t matter as I want to share with you today on how you can tell and not sell in your next social media posts on Facebook in groups or even on your posts.

So how do you tell and not sell? I often get asked this and my top recommendation is to create your brand story. Simple right? Not if you haven’t created a brand. So how do you create stories?

When I worked with clients I always wanted to know their background, why were they in business, what made them become a business owner? I wanted to know their beliefs mission and their why before I could start designing or working with them. This gave me an indication of who they were and who their customers were as well.

And to be honest the more I shared this on my website and in my blog posts the better the quality of clients I got as well.

So for you, start with creating your brand’s mission and vision - share your beliefs, your mission and your why.

Instead of creating a post in a Facebook group saying “Today I’ve got a special on”. I have to say, big mistake! People may not be ready so this means they’ll wait until you post next… next special because you do it. In fact, avoid specials altogether!

Instead of saying “get your 15 minutes of free call consultation with me” - again most people won’t know you and this is not very welcoming to people don’t know you. Would you sit down with a complete stranger say in a cafe and start talking for 15 minutes? Remember you have no idea who they are and they don’t know you.

What you can do instead is start talking about why your product matters. Why did you start your business. But please also remember your ideal audience and keep them in mind every time you create any content.

For example, I’m a graphic designer [so what, most would say]. But I’m a designer that offers other products and workshops that don’t come with the high price tag. I no longer work with 1:1 clients but instead flipped the studio table and wanted to focus on solo creative business owners who really need what I have to offer the most.

See - it’s your stories and what you believe that you want to share with your community. But the trick is not to change your why or purpose often because you’ll only confuse your audience.

Remember, the more crystal clear you are with your mission and vision the more resonating it’ll be for them.

The world doesn’t need another graphic designer but instead needed someone that could offer something special and something different.

But weave into all your content so your audience can answer this question: “what’s in it for them?” As well as identifying who your target audience is. It would look like something like this:

Because most businesses in their first 5 years struggle [if they survive] and I don’t want them to struggle with the moving parts like branding and website and social media feeds. They’re in business because of a good reason. But for most designing a website is not their genius nor their zone. They have talent and should be spending more time in their zone - not tweaking fonts and colours.

Now your turn. Write down your vision and mission and use the following to help kick start your this process:

I started my business because…

I believe that [and identify your market]…

I saw a problem in my industry that…

Hoping these will help you also find your voice as well.

So instead of posting up a “sell” post in a Facebook group because truth be told people gaze over these posts - start posting content where you can tell your brand story with your ideal audience in mind.

If you want to keep the conversation going, please share your story with me in the comments below.