Super Important Things to Know When Deciding A Logo


You may have noticed a logo can come in varying shapes and sizes. A logo is a small piece of the overall picture of your brand and visual style. And like everything else with your business growth, it will change over time.

What you decide for your logo now doesn't mean that it's set in stone forever. It's perfectly ok to have an interim logo in the meantime, but you don't want it to look super cheap. It needs to be memorable, effective and help portray your branding style.

If you happen to be thinking about a logo, if you're DIYing or getting someone to do it for you, you might like to read on.


Let’s start with a fundamental question, do you still need a logo if you’re building a brand online?


Brief answer...yes. If you’re building a personal brand you need to integrate both -an image of you as well as a logo - because they are both equally important.


The magic formula for

personal branding online is

You + Your logo = Memorable.


Some people may remember your face or your name and others may remember your logo - but if you use both, they will remember you more quickly and easily.

Remember most people are visual and retain more information when they see images, so it's equally important to have an image of you and your logo.


So, if you haven't noticed before now, some of the best logos over the years are super simple, unique, and very memorable. 

For example, when I say Chanel - what are you thinking right now?

Nothing fancy is it? Super simple - yet highly effective.


For any business, a logo is a visual element that will help your ideal audience remember you.

Here's what you need to know when

deciding on a memorable logo



Think of some adjectives that represent the personality you want to portray:

friendly, high tech, serious, fun, family, business, elite, chic, expensive, affordable, exclusive, trendy, big, small, rustic, whimsical, etc.

Use adjectives to describe your desired brand style image and personality. Remember we're creating a personal brand here. Some processes and questions are a little different if you're creating branding for a product [for instance].



This seems pretty obvious but I gotta add this one in. Know your customers, and know who you’re communicating and wanting to deal with.


Just because you may like the design and style of a logo, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be effective.


If your audience [and clients] are super corporate then a floral logo may not be so effective. Remember it’s the visual communication that needs to portray your brand and style. It’s the vibe that your audience needs [and wants] to feel when they encounter your brand. And having a whimsical floral logo will certainly give off a different interpretation.


But then again - don’t be so formal and run-of-the-mill. If you don’t like what’s going on in your industry and market - then look elsewhere to seek inspiration. There’s no “Branding Police” to say you can’t do this.

And if you don't know me by now, I'm a huge advocate of personal brands standing out and doing things differently.


Include an icon/element

If you're super eager to have a logo that is unique and different include an icon or an element. This helps reiterate the style and character your branding portrays.

This example here: is my website's favicon.



Avoid colour at an early stage in your brand journey

If you want to include colour into your logo, my recommendation is to work out your Branding first.

If you go through a branding process you’ll figure out what colour and style would be suit your overall branding theme. 


Too often I see many entrepreneurs running out and getting themselves a website and logo without giving it much thought as to what really goes into the branding process.

In this process you will get to answer some fundamental questions as to how to come up with branding for you and still being quite unique.


If you happen to ready to take you through the proper process of creating an unforgettable brand then >>> Be Unforgettable will help you with the branding 101 process.


Or if you’re at the stage where you just need a logo and simple one then stick to black and white. You can’t go wrong.


One last thing

If you’re tempted to flash a few versions of your logo in a Facebook group and ask for feedback on their favourite one? Walk away - don’t do it!


Because 9 out of 10 of those people who respond with their thoughts and feedback are 1. not a designer, 2. don’t know your audience and 3. it’s highly likely they are not your target market.

As always, comment below if you want to keep the convo going or have a burning Q.

With love and grace

Kellie xo