Time starved? Here's how to add an extra hour to your week by doing this

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I’ve been talking with a lot of women entrepreneurs lately [in case you don’t know me, I always like to connect and talk with others and I also run a network meeting here in Auckland] and many seem to be saying the same thing and that’s how to come up with extra time to do the things to for their business. In other words working on their business is always on the back burner rather working in their business.

Firstly can we kick off with this; you’ve got to set some time aside to plan and create your content so you can do the social media, blog posting, Pinning, etc. Give yourself at least one day a week [for me it’s a Friday or a Monday] to do all your admin and marketing for the week. This for me is a non-negotiable. It’s super important to set aside this time.

So when you actually do set this time and while you’re sitting down and writing your blog post - look out for some golden nuggets in your blog post. Pick out one or two sentences at a time. This is the trick! Because when it comes to posting content on your social media these golden nugget pieces are what you’ll be sharing. You can add them as an overlay to an image or simply add them into your post.

Now on to the time saving part. Here are two important things you can do when you’re creating social media posts.

1. Batch Your Content

Batching content means you’re creating bulk content in one sitting. You can either create all your content for the week or you can spend a good day doing for the month. I share how to come up with content for 30 days in my Social Media Road Map Workbook.


When you’re in Canva - create one branded image and copy it 5/7 times - depending on who your audience is decide if you want to post on the weekend. Now either add a short sentence to your image or decide if content is going to be in the actual post. Download these and schedule them in Facebook.

2. Schedule Your Content

One of my favourite tools to schedule is Tailwind. Though they only allow for Instagram and Pinterest it’s still worth using them. The great thing about Tailwind is you can join Tribes on Pinterest who help share your graphics/content as well. Tailwind also provide hashtag suggestions for your Instagram account. My recommendation is not to sign up quickly to their paid version until you get the knack of using them and scheduling.

I think many people think marketing is for the quiet times but it's not. Here’s some shocking news! I was told by a business coach [ex Marketing Consultant] that 50% of your time should be marketing. But if we get smart about it we use programs like Tailwind who can schedule it for us.

So whatever you decide to do, you still need to set aside the time to do the ground work first in order to get the results you want.

Have you got a smart and savvy tool you use to help save time and you want to share with me? 


PS. If you want to know more about getting around Canva and creating your own branded graphics for social media - the doors are open for registration. Click over here to find out more and join us on Creative With Canva Workshop