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How to get your name out there without feeling like a douche!

How to get your name out there without feeling like a douche!

I’ve noticed recently there are a few people who find that self-promoting their business and getting their brand out there can often feel as excruciating and painful, like going to the dentist – you know you gotta do it but it’s still painful. Hey, I know what it’s like and used to feel this way too.

Time starved? Here's how to add an extra hour to your week by doing this

Time starved? Here's how to add an extra hour to your week by doing this

If you’re finding that choosing images from somewhere like unsplash.com for your blog and social media posts a little overwhelming, I’ve got some quick tips that might help.

My first recommendation is to stay on brand. In my Design For the Non-Designer, I explain a little more in depth what this means, but here I’ve added a few more suggestions and ideas.

Fed Up With Making New Year Resolutions?

I came across this quote last year, “if it’s important you’ll find a way, if it’s not you’ll find an excuse” and I can’t believe how motivated I have been since.

Every time I find myself making an excuse for “not doing it” or “I’ll get around to doing it” I would stop and ask myself ‘how important is it for me to do it?’


March is always a time for me to look back, as it marks the occasion when I registered my first design studio in 2013. I wanted to write this post because I like reading about what others have learned and what’s worked and even what hasn’t.


Besides, there’s nothing easy about being an entrepreneur, but if I can help you get where you need to be quicker, easier and do it a little more  graciously then I know I’ve done my job.


Myth #1: You gotta have a logo – before anything

If you think your logo is what defines your brand I hate to burst that bubble but it’s not. Don’t pour money into someone else doing your logo and colours – because chances are you will change your mind – especially in the first year or two.


What you can do instead: 

get yourself a temporary logo - check out The Bloom Store's Logos.


Myth #2: Pour all your savings into a website

Similar to Myth #1 that hard earned cash you’ve saved for, avoid using it all on your website. Chances are you’ll be a lot clearer in a year or two as to where you’re heading with your brand.


What you can do instead:

For a fraction of the cost, purchase a WordPress template from somewhere like CreativeMarket or Studiopress. If not WordPress try Squarespace. I haven’t used these guys myself but I’ve seen them in action and they’re impressive. UPDATE: I ended up moving to Squarespace because I got fed up dealing with the back end of my website. And to be very honest I love it and haven’t looked back. So for you, if you’re wanting to look for a very simple solution and yet very stylish I highly recommend Squarespace.


Myth #3: I can do this on my own

Your time is money. Think of all the time that’s wasted trying to figure it all out yourself.


What you can do instead:

That money you saved hard for or wanted to take out as a loan for your website and logo, invest in support like a Virtual Assistant, and particularly one who specialises in WordPress. Look outfor a VA who has packages, and try them out for a month.


Myth #4: I need clients before I can create a portfolio

Nope, you don’t.

Instead, start creating your portfolio now. Make up a Portfolio page and start designing your best. If you haven’t had clients before now – show your talents off and don’t forget to highlight design work in the areas you want to niche in. i.e. Branding, eBook design, etc.


Myth #5: Follow the money

Though I never really did this, I believe that if you’re gonna do the work you might as well do stuff you love.


What you can do instead:

You may want to spend your energy on positive work – that lights you up and makes you feel like your not working at all - rather than run yourself ragged doing shitty work that doesn’t really doing anything for you.


Myth #6: Help anyone and everyone

Tempting as it may be, if you're a newbie to all this, it's easy to say yes to every job that comes your way and person who asks, "can you do this and how much?"


What you can do instead:

Like Myth #5 focus on work that lights you up. And yes I have been there and done that with this one. It drove me to exhaustion, though I really love helping people, I wasn’t helping myself. Those long nights with next to no life drove me down the path of discovering how important a Brand truly is.


Myth #7: You should do this!

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing when it comes to your business and being an entrepreneur.


What you can do instead:

Learn to trust your instincts. My advice is, do your homework and talk to people. If that idea really lights you up – go with it – do your homework and ask people if it’s something they’d be interested.


Myth #8: Be on all social media platforms

I hope people are not still advising this. When I started they did. It was like every single blog post that you read was, sign up to all the social media platforms and tweet and post to your  heart's content. And they also said – go where your potential clients are. I say bullshit to that. I never really understood Twitter and never particularly liked how we’re limited to some many words/characters. But yet I still managed to get dream clients - even if they were on Twitter. Don’t run yourself ragged and sign up to every social media platform.


What you can do instead:

Choose one or two social media platforms and figure out which one is doing it for you. Which leads me to say I’m now hanging mostly on Pinterest and Instagram… have we connected?

Myth #9: People aren’t going to like me

I’m calling BS on this one too. Here’s the truth – not everyone is going to like and so what!


What you can do instead: 

What you want to thrive for is being the best version of yourself AND your uniqueness and know exactly who your dream audience and people are. People want transparency – so please don’t try and be anyone else but yourself. You don't want everyone to like you... you want your dream clients to love what you do. Focus on that.


Myth #10: I need to create something really unique

If I said to you not every idea is original but instead, put your spin on it, will that help you move forward?

I wish I knew this one earlier on – most of the time early on that had me stopped in my tracks was that other people were doing it. I don't like what others are doing and instead of doing anything I was frozen with the idea of not being original. But now I've learnt not every idea is original and that’s okay!


What you can do instead:

Put your spin on it – your ideas, thoughts and your vibe.


Myth #11: Build a business

Today it’s not about building a business but rather build a brand. Customers don’t want to deal with businesses who are driven by their bottom line; who don’t offer products and services that create customer loyalty. Usually these kinds of business offer cheap products and services and in a nutshell, really don’t care about their customers.

Businesses like Apple and Starbucks have driven this kind of ethic and brand loyalty. They stand for more than just offering products that help people overcome a problem. They have customers that drive 10 minutes out of their way just to get that special coffee for the day; they have product launches that have customers queuing at 3 am to get their hands on the latest gadget.

That’s what building a brand is really about and making it work easier and smarter for you.

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear if one of these myths resonated with you and tell me why?