3 crucial things you should know before hiring a web developer


Are you thinking about getting a website for your business? Maybe you're thinking of hiring a web developer to help? I want to share a few crucial things every newbie should know if they're planning on hiring a web developer.

Recently, I’ve been talking to a load of women in business and many seem to be at that stage of either about to renew their website or they’ve already invested in a new website…but have been a little disappointed with a few things. So I wanted to share 3 crucial things you probably ought to know before hiring a Web Designer.

When I first started out as an entrepreneur and setting up my little business, one of the most important tasks I knew I had to do was get a website. But I had no idea where to start, who to talk to and at that stage had not heard much about WordPress.

So I reached out to another entrepreneur who referred me on to her web developer. Great, I thought, now I’m getting somewhere.

After a few phone discussions, and $500 [and a mini heart attack], a couple of weeks later I had a blog up and running. By the way, for the record, it was a free WordPress theme but it was self-hosted.

From this experience I wanted to advise the questions you should raise [or at least think about] and what to expect from your web developer should you choose to go down this path.



Ask them what the turnaround time is, ie when can you expect to have the site up and running?

Don’t expect your website to be up instantly or even within a day or two. It will, of course, depend on several things such as their workload but even more importantly when it comes to HTML coding and all the plugin integrations it can be very time-consuming.



Ask what sort of service will they provide. Will they stick around? Will they help with any technical issues once your website is up and running?

I look back now and was super fortunate that my web developer provided support afterwards, in fact, he was around for a year.

All too often I hear biz owners who've had their web developer disappear and have constant issues that can end up quite costly. But I recommend you still ask if they provide the aftercare and if they do is there any additional cost.



Of course, if you are looking at creating a theme from scratch and getting a web developer involved, I can only advise a few things, such as, it’ll be much more time to consume, more expensive and you’ll probably end up with a couple of grey hairs – but hey at least you can say it’s all yours. Or can you?

But when I set up my first WordPress blog my web developer set up a free theme. Bonus! Or so I thought. If you happen to hire a web developer to tweak a few things you could potentially look at few problems.

Remember this when updating your WordPress free theme – you could lose your ‘tweaked’ version and all that work will need to be repeated. The owner of this free theme has and more than likely will change any styles [layout, colour, fonts, etc] at their discretion. The whole idea of a theme owner offering it for free is that you only have access to half its capabilities with the hopes of you buying and upgrading to a full version.

If you are looking at hiring a web developer I would certainly recommend you ask around for a reputable one, one who offers ongoing support and like any deals working with a service, ensure a contract is signed by both parties. In my next blog, I will explain a super affordable and stress-free alternative than hiring a web developer.

Whatever you do…ask as many questions as you can.