How To Choose Images For Your Brand

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If you’re finding that choosing images from somewhere like for your blog posts and social media a little overwhelming, I’ve got some quick tips that might help.


My first recommendation is to stay on brand. In my Design For the Non-Designer, I explain a little more in depth what this means, but here I’ve added a few more suggestions and ideas.


Select images that have your brand colours

Over on you can search by colour. Just click the top menu bar and choose “search by colour”. You can also search images by the words “turquoise”, “orange” or “hot pink” - give it a go and see what comes up.


But make sure you stay on topic

Topic means for both your brand theme and vibe and for the topic you’re talking about.

For example, if you grow and sell turnips then having carrot images won’t make any sense.

However, if you’re posting about a turnip and carrot soup recipe then it’s perfectly ok to have an image of a carrot. See what I mean?

But you don’t wont to be cliche with the images you choose. Here’s what I mean:


If your blog post topic is helping others overcoming an obstacle - avoid using images with people [in suits…barf #so90s] jumping over hurdles on the race track. This type of image should be banned.


If in doubt with choosing images, use graphics instead. A graphic can be a solid background colour [preferably your branding colour/s] with the blog post title included. Like so:


Avoid using any image that has your audience where they are now (before working with/or buying from you]. Avoid standard stock corporate like images at all times. They don’t evoke any inspiration or emotional connection for your audience. They’re considered very cheesy and don’t do anything for your audience.  These types of images were made in the 90s and are used for corporate companies who don’t have a brand per se. Things are different now.


Anything you create should be to inspire others where they desire to be


Really know your audience

Ask yourself “what would inspire my audience”, “what would they really love to see”, “will this image evoke an inspirational emotion”?


Remember the best brands are those that evoke emotional connections. Brands that can communicate, they understand you - they know you and they connect with you.


If you haven’t got round to getting your branding done yet, join The Bloom Collective, where I dive into the types of images you can use for your new vibe.


And if you’ve taken my Quiz “What’s Your Brand Style?” and discover your brand vibe, the boards I’ve created over on here [and update regularly] are in relevant to the answer you got.

Update: The Quiz is currently been fine tuned and will be back early 2019

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