Be Unforgettable

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Be Unforgettable


Learn To Brand Your Own Creative Business

If you've been doing your thing for a while, serious about what you offer, and committed to making it work, you may need help with figuring out how to craft + design your brand and visual vibes.

Together, in this mini power workshop, we'll turn your dream branding into reality, craft your visual vibe so you show case your value and change your life in the process.

Learn from a brand stylist that’s be doing this with years of research and implementing with my 1:1 clients and into my own brand.

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Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Discover what a brand really is... [hint it's not just a logo]
  • The anatomy of an unforgettable brand
  • How to create your own unique vibe and style
  • You will also get to understand why and how powerful a brand can be for you and your audience


Module One - Let’s Start With You

  • Here you will learn to craft a brand with a whole lotta personality.
  • We identify which buzzwords you can base your brand on and how you can navigate these for your vision


Module Two - Find Your Voice

  • Your words matter and how you say it matters too.
  • A brand voice is important and we go over how to create a tone that’s quintessential to your brand


Module Three - Colour Me Beautiful

  • Learn which colours that are vital to know to achieve your own vibe - your colours need to create a harmonious experience for you and your audience
  • In this module, you’ll learn to select colours that are just ideal for you all the while understanding some basic principles


Module Four - Flaunt Your Fonts

  • Add more character to the way your words show up with font pairing PLUS one more recommendation to really amplify your brand
  • Here you will learn which tools to turn to come up with the perfect fonts of your choice.


Module Five - Style With Personality

This module provides the insight to styling a modern brand + one that's more around you and your personality traits.

  • You will also learn what's included and where to turn to for the best resources to help achieve your unique vibe
  • This module provides the insight to styling a brand more around you and your personality traits.
  • You will also learn what’s included and where to turn to for the best resources


Module Six - Images for Your Vibe

  • Learn that images can play a vital role for your brand communication.
  • Learn how to find images to use that are ideal for your brand  and are not the status quo
  • You will also learn how  a few other brands that are successful and how they are creating an unforgettable brand


** + BONUSES**

Also included are a few bonuses that will take you through some the fundamental steps to creating our own true and authentic vibe.

Learn at your own pace and in your own time.