Statement Social

Statement Social


A chic and feminine branded graphics designed for the lifestyle blogger or chic business coach or blogger.

What’s inside this pack:

12 x already uniquely designed Canva graphics for Facebook and/or Instagram. Size 1080px X 1080px

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These already designed for you templates are the perfect solution that will help you as a creative entrepreneur to quickly and easily publish your next social media campaign using the Free or Pro version of Canva. 

Stand out and turn heads in this busy online world. You’ll soon have your audience stopping in their newsfeed in a heartbeat. 

Save time and money [and not to mention heartache and headache] of starting from scratch in Canva.

What happens once you’ve bought?

You will receive a PDF download with a direct link to the Canva template. Save a copy to your Canva account and it’s ready for your written content. Super easy.


  • Change fonts, colours and images if you wish in the FREE version of Canva.

  • Mix and match colours and fonts and add your branding to the template, if you wish. As well as drag and drop your own images to suit your brand.

  • You can use this product template for yourself and your brand, but you cannot on sell any products from The Bloom Collective - please see T&Cs if in doubt.

All images in this product are sourced from either and/or and are FREE for commercial use.


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