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  • No product from the Bloom Collective and/or Bloom Online Studio [BOS] can be used for resale

  • Our products and templates for only one use/purpose - to assist professional consultants, entrepreneurs in the creation of products, marketing tools and business content for their business. This means that the templates are only permitted to be used in the normal course of your business.

  • Any Wordpress website, logo/product bought from The Bloom Store and Bloom Online Studio [BOS] may not be copyrighted

  • All pre-made products throughout this website are NOT one-of-a-kind and will be resold [unless specified]

  • Any images used in the presentation are CO0 and free from - please see further details on unsplash's Licensing

  • All listings include digital files only. No physical items will be shipped.

  • You agree that you fully understand that any logo products on this site are include Adobe's Photoshop file and that you have some understanding of Photoshop to complete your product. [Please see our Guarantee]

All rights reserved. No part of Kellie & Co. and The Bloom Collective. products may be resold or reproduced in any form without written permission.

Wordpress Website Products/Templates:

Terms and Conditions:

Domain names, hosting services & email setup: Your domain name and email services must be purchased and provided by you, the client. We will ask you provide these during the set up and installation process.

We recommend that you use Hover, or for NZ clients FreeParking for your domain name purchase.

Under these terms and conditions, you, the client, agree that you are responsible for what is uploaded onto your website and that we BOS are not responsible should you not adhere to any local laws and/or not abuse any copyrighting issues or any infringements otherwise BOS will contact you via email to ask you to remove any offensive material. If this has not been rectified within seven working days, we will provide you with a 30 days notice before removing down your website.

Terms of Service:

3rd Party Hosting Services: We have chosen a provider that offers excellent support, hosting and security.  However, BOS is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site.


Ongoing Website Maintenance Plan:  This contract includes future Wordpress CMS or framework update and compatibility issues for your site. Once the launch of your site, you will be billed the Wordpress website hosting and maintenance membership service for $55NZD per month.


Site Content: Please provide all pages titles and site content prior to site going live. This will help us efficiently pull together all the content for your website and the site specific to your needs from the start and will assist with streamlining the overall process. All content will be uploaded by you to our shared dropbox folder.

You are responsible for providing all images in proper format, size and quality for your website design. Any delays to the submission of this information will cause your project to be delayed and, in some cases, may result in additional charges.


Site Photography: All site photography should be completed and uploaded by the client to our shared dropbox before site design begins. All details for your photography are explained in your Get Started Guide. We always recommend working with a professional photographer for your website imagery for a more personal and custom feel but free stock photography like [please see their T&Cs here], and can be obtained or purchased from standard stock websites and used by the client as an alternative if need be. Please see the extras clause.


Development Process: All sites are built on a test server, once you provide your approval on final layout of your site and we go to the development phase, all future changes to the structure and overall look of the site will be billed separately.



  • We are not responsible should you not adhere to 3rd party T&Cs. In other words should you use an image/graphic that is not allowed or hasn’t been granted use by the owner we are not responsible.

  • All BOS websites are SSL, fully secured and fully flexible to all screen devices.

  • You may discontinue BOS's monthly membership anytime, please send an email to giving us 30 days notice.

  • If you out grow our Services and wish to take your website with you, you can transfer your website to another hosting provider. You agree, this will be up to you to organise and arrange the website transfer.

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If you are not completely satisfied with your product please contact us and we will try our utmost to remedy the product for you. Please also note that an extra fee may occur - should there be any further work that goes beyond our 'Services' scope. You will be fully informed of this process.


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