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The Statement - Wordpress




All our Wordpress website templates are timeless and modern designs with the capabilities to show case your brand. The layouts are very simple yet highly effective for your online audience to easily navigate throughout the pages and blog posts.



Our Wordpress website templates and service is a little different than the norm.

We will host, update and do monthly maintenance on your website, consider it like a membership. All you have to do select and purchase your favourite template and then provide some of the bones for your website and we’ll do the rest.



  • Clean, easy to navigate, easy to manage, stylish Wordpress theme consistent with your brand + already built just for you.
  • Includes Home page pre-designed, seamlessly integrated blog design, four additional pages (Contact, About, Services + Blog page), and full width landing page template
  • Your website will look great on any device it’s viewed on!!
  • You supply the content we add it to your website for launch day.



    The purpose of our Wordpress Website Template products is so you don’t have to do anything [apart from some written content and ongoing blog posts]. There’s no fiddling around with WP plugins, no irritating, stress- induced, technical-know-how for your website. It’s a plug n’ play scenario - where we do the building and on-going service for you.

    If you've tried to use WordPress before, you'll notice that our WP dashboard is a little bit different. We've removed all the stuff that makes WordPress hard, and pared it down to just what you need to run your website with no technical headaches. Don't worry - it’s still WordPress, and if you outgrow our service and need more functionality, you can take your website and power it up with all the WordPress goodness you need.


    •  Colours
    •  Images
    •  Fonts
    •  Add your Logo
    • Add pages/blog posts
    • Add to the menu bar


    • Full width banner image
    • Newsletter/email signup



    • Home Page
    • Blog/Archive Page - this would be the page that shows all the blog posts, and the category archives
    • Blog Post page
    • About 
    • Contact
    • 404 page
    • Search Results page

    What are your terms and conditions?

    Please read T&C's here. Please ensure you have read them before purchasing any template.


    What’s your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of these digital products they cannot be returned and are non-refundable. Please email us if you have any specific questions about this before you make a purchase:


    Can I add e-Commerce to my website?

    Yes of course! Please ensure you have contacted us via email prior to purchasing. There will be an additional cost and therefore will need to invoice you via Paypal instead.

    What happens once I have bought a template?

    You will receive a Welcome onboard email from us - with a Getting Start Guide. We will contact you via email direct within two working days.


    When can I expect my website to go live?

    This will depend on whether your written content has been created, and as soon as this is done you can expect it to be 5-7 working days.