An empowering design course for Go Getters

who want to design stunning brands & graphics

for their brand, website or clients


Lemme guess: You have dabbled in Canva for Free for a while now either for your business or clients, but there still seems to be some confusion of what entails great design or even how do you go from ho-hum to professional graphics - without using the same ol’ Canva templates?

How do you create eye catching-stop-them-in-their-newsfeed graphics without breaking the bank and getting someone else to do it? Or what about a logo that doesn’t look like it was done in 1999?

Sound familiar?

If you want to take your business to another level you’ve got to have a strong brand, website and social media presence, and you can’t settle on ho-hum.


The first one to five years are pretty hard when starting out as an Entrepreneur.

So when it comes to getting a brand and website, you’ve probably been told one of two things:

  • either take out a second mortgage with the bank to get someone to do it for you OR

  • choose the DIY route.

Maybe you’re the creative type who loves to get elbow deep in design and tweaking a website yourself? How about for your clients? Huh? Pretty neat!

And you’d prefer to stay in the creative process from start to finish and not rely on someone “who may or may not get you”?

There’s something powerful being able to design GRAPHICS on the fly!

Either way, you’re probably here because you have next to no brand and that website…well, let’s just call it an experiment.

It may be one hot-web-mess, and it’s more than likely why you’ve been working twice as hard to get your tribe or clients to understand what you do, listen to what our have to say or even hang around on your website long enough to connect with you.

Sound familiar?

I call that lost in brandslation

Wouldn’t you rather have the freedom, knowing your website is doing all the communicating & connecting for you? All day, every day? Oh what the hell - let’s aim for for 24/7!

Wouldn’t you rather have a brand that expresses who you are? None of this generic, slapped up and “she’ll be right”, “fingers-crossed-hope-people-get-me” kind of brand and website.

Here’s another thing…

I’ve got a solution for you, without taking out a 2nd mortgage and spending all your hard earn cash, and without going it alone down the DIY route.

You’re in good hands now.

The Bloom Academy’s


Will teach and guide you to designing and styling that stunning brands and websites you’ve been dreaming of and drop dead-gorgeous graphics to boot.

So that you or your clients can turn up online, turn heads and give your online audience whip-lash in their newsfeed.

You can stand tall and shine your beacon of light so your dream fans and clients can see you through all that virtual noise.

Give them a chance to see you and get to know you and what you do.

And give them a reason to click and stay!

Gain new clients, save money and

get the high quality look that you need right now

so you can give your business that polished look it deserves

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Each week you will receive an email of the topic we’ll be going over. And delivered to you in a members only hub - you will log in and go through the modules. The modules comprise of video tutorials, downloadable workbooks and/or guides, a presentation and step by step videos in Canva for Work.

MODULE 1 - week 1

✔︎ Lesson 1: What is great design and how does it apply to your business?

✔︎ Lesson 2: Working with images, graphics and what’s the difference?

✔︎ Lesson 3: Plan your website.

MODULE 2 - week 2

✔︎ Lesson 4: DIY your branding

✔︎ Lesson 5: Love your logo

✔︎ Lesson 6: DIY a branding moodboard

MODULE 3 - week 3

✔︎ Lessons 7 - 12: Learn how to DIY all your graphics for your branding and website. Video tutorials will take you through step by step on designing graphics for banners, side bar and all your graphics for your online world.


MODULE 4 - week 4

✔︎ Lesson 13: Plan and brandstorm your content for social media

✔︎ Lesson 14: Learn how to design distinctive and unique graphics in Canva for Work.

MODULE 5 - week 5

✔︎ Lessons 15 - 18: DIY Your PDF Opt-in Offer eBook

Learn the blueprint and plan and design your opt-in offer eBook.

Learn how to create a fillable PDF eBook.

great design?.png


Learn the resources I use to help create a brand with personality.

The library is your go to place with pre-recorded live Q&K sessions - should you not be able to attend that week.


By the end of the 18 lessons

you will have a brand and website that will have your audience drooling, star-gazing

at what you do and thinking

WOW! I LOVE what you do, how can I CONNECT or work with YOU?

 Kind Words from Others…

The Creative with Canva course run by Kellie, was just perfect for me, I loved all the tips and tricks and the links to the useful websites. It has also made me much more aware of how to use design and colours in not only Canva but all aspects of my business. Thanks Kellie!

Clare Robinson

I’m on a Mission

Hi I’m Kellie Annesley-Smith from Kellie and Co. and I’ve been also known as Chief Dream Wrangler and Brand Translator.

My 5+ year journey as an online entrepreneur, designer extraordinaire and brand stylist at my boutique studio Kellie & Co. Design for my clients around the world, has brought here. I created The Bloom Academy to empower aspiring and creative Entrepreneurs, just like you, to design their own brand and gorgeous graphics.

The fail rate statistics for entrepreneurs within the first five years is too high. Could it be they don’t have a brand that is the very essence of them? Perhaps. Could it be their website doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do… connect with their ideal audience and dream clients? Maybe?

Or maybe it’s because they spend way too much time trying to find the right colours and perfect font? That could be the clincher.

What about the aspiring entrepreneurs who are in a hurry with their purse full of money and hire someone to “brand” that doesn’t really interpret who they are? Sound familiar?

I created this virtual learning experience to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, just like you, to translate their superpower and talents visually. To be able to turn their dream brand and website into reality.

So whether you are here because you dream to be that trail-blazing rock star, or you prefer to stay in your quiet power, I’ve got you covered.

Or if you’re dying to know the ins and outs of designing professional graphics for your clients, I’ve got you covered too.

empowering Entre to design.png

Designed by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs

If you’ve been scouting around the inter-webs looking for a how to design eCourse, but wondering why you haven’t signed up before now? It’s probably because these courses are made by designers…or non designers [take your pick], who will teach you what they learnt at University.

This course is different.

I’m a designer and an entrepreneur who knows a shit load of branding, marketing and websites. I’ve been trained by the best and I’ve researched and had the pleasure of implement what I’ve learnt - what’s worked and what hasn’t, for the last 5+ years, as well as having privilege of working with clients around the globe. Not to mention the 25+ years in Corporate NZ. But I’m not going to bore you with the little-iddy biddy deets.

This course is different from many other course - because you will only learn what you need to know to DIY your business graphics, website and social media. Yes you will learn some design principles but I’m not here to waste your time learning about the stuff you don’t need to know. Plain and simple!

 Kind Words from Others…

I absolutely loved the Creative with Canva course and it really simplified how to use it and has given me confidence to use it. Kellie has a huge amount of knowledge and really spent a lot of time to make sure everyone really benefitted from doing the course.

Sarah Davies

The Bloom Academy is a learning experience for women entrepreneurs who have big hearts and big plans for their business and who want to awaken and unleash the designer in them. It’s for creatives who love to stay in the creative process from start to finish and not rely on someone else [who may not get ‘it’ and what you’re about].

The Bloom Academy’s Canva for Work is everything you need to know about designing ALL your graphics for your brand and website during the Canva for Work 30 day free trial offer.

It’s an online learning environment where you get to learn what you need, when you need it.

You know in your heart that you are ready to turn your dream brand and website into reality.

Shall we say…

If you want to dominate Canva for Work and it’s tools and resources even if you have ZERO design skills so that you can confidently create highly engaging graphics on the fly

If you want to learn and design perfectly styled ebooks, covers, web banners, web buttons, call to actions, sneak peeks, social media and blog posts that’ll have people dying to share

If you want to learn how to create a brand kit, select a beautiful colour palette with perfect fonts to boot so that you can instantly elevate your service’s perceived value.

All the while using canva for work

Learn from a designer & branding stylist:

  • learn some of the best design tips from a graphic designer

  • how to create unique graphics

  • learn where to get inspiration

  • learn how to get strategic for your online audience

Learn the tools and resources in Canva for Work:

  • the nuts and bolts of Canva for Work and it’s terrific tools

    • how to use Magic Resize Pro, Brand Kit, Font Pro

    • Logos and transparent background variations, and more!

  • stock images in Canva and elsewhere


  • Not having to work so. dang. hard to get more clients — people will finally come to you!

  • Saying goodbye to those clients who don’t align with your values, so that you can make way for those dream clients that pay you oodles more.

  • People can spot quality and value a mile away - imagine never having your audience second guess your value.

When You Join The Bloom Academy’s

Canva for Work You’ll Also Get

Life Time Access:


Branding & Website done:


Heartfelt Support:

Life time access to all the video trainings, recordings, tools and resources library – and trust me this will save you countless hours trying to Google it and go it alone.

Any new trainings will be added to the hub and you’ll be advised.

With your perfect just-right colours and fonts identified you will learn to design your own or your clients’ mood board, logo and sub logos, add personality to your brand to create a distinctive style.

Seriously! You’ll be the envy of the town!

Anything you create from here to infinity will look like you’ve had a designer do it – or you’ll have clients banging on your door wanting you to design it for them.

Invitations to regular Q & K Zoom Sessions in the Round Table Circle.

This is when you get to iron out any frustrations, turn any design faux pas into something quite spectacular.

Yep I bring with me heart-comforting support.

And if you can’t make it that week the recorded sessions will be available in the Bloom Academy’s members only Library and Resources hub.

An exclusive Facebook group for The Bloom Academy’s Canva for Work members only – yep we need this – so we can show off our masterpieces with fellow members, or simply get an answer to your “does this font make my FB graphic look sleazy?” type questions.

Get Your Design Mojo On


The video tutorials and workbooks will help you move through from stuck to giddy with delight.


DIY Branding


Design Drop Dead Gorgeous Graphics


Design an Irresistible Opt-in ebook [pdf]


Rolodex & Top Resources


Request a Tutorial


The Community


Get Certified

We kick off going through the creative process & how to get your creative and design mojo.

This step you get to put your design-plan-pants on.

The Design for the Non-Designer Definitive Guide will be your go to forever-guide. Learn only what you need design principles are guidelines are set in stone for any design work you do now and in the future. Call it your bible.

You will learn that colour and fonts have feelings too!

What to avoid and what to consider when creating your style, if you want your audience to trust and connect with you.

We dive into how to create a cohesive brand identity.

The video tutorials will guide you through creating a brand & website mood board before we begin designing anything.

Value: $5,000 and up

(Clients used to pay me the big bucks to do this work for them. I’ve now flipped the tables on my business and thought it’d be waaaaay more fun to teach design.)

Learn to get familiar with what’s included in a brand mood board where to get inspiration.

Video tutorial will walk through how to create and fill your mood board in Canva for.

How to design and style a logo and it’s sub-logos in Canva for Work

Value $5,000 and up!

Only a designer can take you through this process (but I’m practically giving it away)

With your sleeves rolled and your new look, up we dive into designing all your graphics for your Brand and website. The video tutorials cover walk through Canva for Work and it’s resources:-

Website banners, blog posts, sidebar images and Call to action buttons - you’ll also learn what the heck these are!

Social Media – banners, post images, profile images and learn how to create your own library full of templates so you can batch for future use.

Email newsletter banners and your signature images;

This phase is about pulling all the design elements and pieces together to get your website and social media graphics smokin’ hot and staying on brand.

Value $10,000 and up!

Learn the blueprint of any ebook option offer you create - so that your audience will actually read it from cover to cover.

And if you plan on creating a course with workbooks, fillable PDFs, cheatsheets, this will be the perfect time to do them. As well as making your PDFs fillable!

Once you’ve WOWED your audience and they love what they see, they’ll be banging on your door and WANT to give you their email.

Here’s your chance to wow them again with an irresistible eBook.

Value: $500 and up!

(The moment you “get” what went in to designing an irresistible eBook in Canva for Work and all your graphics, you won’t be able to help but feel charged up and sing from the hill tops about your new freebie; now that’s what it’s about… stand tall, hold your head high, confidently and excitedly send people to your website.)

Effortlessly look up any technique, how-to, or concept that I cover in The Academy’s members only own website course – and even see the exact video that corresponds to what you want to learn (you’ll never again need to slog through irrelevant and out dated content to find what you’re looking for).

Learn some of the design resources I used when I was designing for my clients.

Value: Hours and hours of your life!

If by chance I’ve missed something and you’ve found a graphic you love [and of course if it’s doable in Canva] – and want to know “how they did that” send an email request form [during the Academy’s open term dates] to ask me to make a tutorial about it. I’ll create the how to, and then we’ll add it to the course library for you and all the other students to enjoy.

Value: $2,000

(Where else can you get on-demand, unique-to-you instructions from a successful brand stylist and graphic designer?)

Access our 24/7 private online support group to ask for help, get feedback, or just hang out and chat with your fellow cadet members.

Value: Priceless!

Ready to launch your career in graphic design or simply up level your design service? Get Bloom Academy certified. Create a portfolio while you’re learning to design your awesomeness and honing in on your signature style.

Value: $10,000 and beyond

Did you crunch those numbers?

You got it – even assuming that you DON’T want to work as a graphic designer or hire someone to do it for you, the items above come out to a total value of $32,500 +

Your investment to the inaugural launch of the

Canva for Work Course

(Registration Close Off Date is January 28th 2019)

Choose from these two options:


TWO PAYMENTS [2nd payment in 2 weeks]

Kind Words From Others…

My Guarantee

Mostly convinced – but still a little hesitant?

I completely understand – and that’s why I’m offering you a zero risk to you guarantee.

I am so incredibly confident that you will LOVE the course, and that it will empower you in your life and/or business beyond anything you can imagine, that I’m offering you a 7-day money-back guarantee or I will fix it for you.

This means that if you sign up for the course and put in the work – and you are for ANY reason not satisfied with what you were able to create using the instructions and support in the course, all you have to do is send an email to saying “I would like my money back” – and I will gladly reimburse what you have paid, provided that you submit your request within course commencement [January 28th 2019] and within 7 days of commencement (please see our Terms of Service for the complete lowdown on our return policy).

In a nutshell, my money-back guarantee is my way of standing behind the awesomeness of this course, and in standing behind YOU as you learn to create your own uniquely beautiful visual brand and master the art of graphic design. If you throw your heart and soul into soaking up all the goodness that the course has to offer, and if you feel that we have in any way failed to deliver the quality of training and empowerment that you were expecting, then I don’t deserve your money, and it’s only right that we return it to you.

So if you’re ready to dive in to a whirlwind adventure that will change the way you think about yourself – and finally make your most cherished dreams a reality? Don’t miss out on this as I will open the doors to The Bloom Academy’s Canva for Work only a few times a year.

Enrolment is currently open – but not for long.

I can’t wait to share with you how extraordinarily gorgeous you and your brand can turn up online!


Do I Need The Paid Version Of Canva?

Not yet! Canva offers a FREE 30 day trial period for Canva for Work upgrade. I’ve designed this course so that you get to design everything you need for your business online then you will be reminded by Canva around Day 28 that your trial period is running out. You will be asked to provide your credit card details when you sign up, and after the 30 days is up your card will be charged. For further details about Canva for Work are here on their website: 

How Long Do I Need To Set Aside Each Week?

The course has been created so that it will take approximately 2-4 hours per week. There's no fluff and unnecessary information that you don't need to know. Each video allows you to watch, learn and then implement on that specific topic.

I Have No Experience With Canva, Will This Be A Problem?

Ideally you should have some knowledge of Canva. This course is a more intermediate level of using Canva. If you’re brand spanking new to Canva my solution is to sign up to my Creative with Canva Workshop. Check it out over HERE.

How Can I Get Help If I’m Stuck?

When you join the Canva for Work Facebook group, there will be an opportunity for you to tag me or ask fellow supporting members that are in there.


Got another Question you’d like to ask?

Go ahead and ask away.

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