Welcome to The Bloom Academy


Hi! I’m so excited to be sharing with you The Bloom Academy and thank you for being here.

The most important thing I encourage you to do is to go through each topic and don’t miss a step. These steps are to help you to build and create your own branding and website. Over the course of your time here we’ll refer back to each of the answers and what you’ve discovered in this process. So please go through the tutorials and workbooks and try not to skip a thing.

Heads up on a couple of things.

I use the words customer and clients interchangeably whether you have one or the other they can mean the same. And the same goes for products and services.

More more thing - no answer is right or wrong. Just go with your instinct on the topics I introduce to you. And remember, try to keep things super simple.

Kellie xo


Brand New Brand You

I highly recommend that you don’t skip these steps particularly if you want to create a sustainable and profitable brand.

Spend a week or so going through each of these steps.

Step 1:

The Brand Plan

Step 2:

Your Dream Clients

Step 3:

Your Vision

Be Unforgettable

Create your own unforgettable branding for your business

Step 4:

Brand Colours + Fonts

Step 5:

Love Your Logo

Step 6:

A Brand Style Guide

All members in the Bloom COLLECTIVE Membership

If you joined us during November & December

we will be taking a wee break for the holidays.

Spend this time diving into the tutorials [catch up if you need to] and implement what you’ve learnt so far.

Module 2 & 3 will be available mid January 2019. Keep an eye out for an email from me around that time.

Kellie xo

MODULE 2: All about websites

Learn to create and brand your unforgettable & client magnet website


Learn as a non-designer to create unforgettable graphics