You can have it all but you can’t do it all

And it’s not your business to be fiddling around on your website or your natural talent to be designing graphics.

But it’s ok if you want to give it a try.

It’s my business to help you learn and implement this in a much more quicker and sane way than you figuring it all out on your own. So that you can quickly get back to your zone of genius.

The Bloom Collective

is a collection of tools, resources and education for passionate entrepreneurs to create a stellar brand and killer marketing

If you’re a creative solopreneur who wants full control over your business and DIY is something you love or have to do then you may know what I mean when I say going it alone is tough and often overwhelming.

Building a brand around you and what you offer isn’t easy – but it’s my mission to help you get where you need to be a little quicker, easier, and with some fun along the way.

In order to get ahead in business you must have a strong online presence, you’ve got to dazzle and woo your audience in order to be seen and not forgotten. This is what I mean when I say be unforgettable.

And all this wooing and dazzling doesn’t happen over night - it takes time. And in order to be successful in business you’ve gotta be super passionate and love what you do - because building takes time along with some extraordinary patience. And this is what I mean when I say be unstoppable.

Whether you’ve been in business for 4 weeks or 4 years - if you haven’t built a brand on solid foundations before creating your branding - I welcome you.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of women entrepreneurs around the globe who have either tried to DIY or hired someone to help them out. And I’ve heard too many say they weren’t satisfied with end result.

Little did they know - you’ve gotta put a few strategies in place before heading down the branding route.

A logo and website don’t come first.

You’ve got to build your brand first before you do anything - your logo and website a much further down the must-do list.

So if you’re finding yourself nodding to all of this - I welcome you with open arms.

It can be a lonely road, and it can be one wild donkey ride but I want to say you’re in good hands now. As I too have been done this track. Here’s a little bit about my journey.


From starting with my first design studio back 2012 without much of an idea or any strategies in place - I soon quickly realised I was slowly dying on the inside - the  projects I worked on were doing nothing but sucking up my time and energy.

I look back now and call that lost in brandslation. I had no voice and no real idea on what direction I was going with my studio. I knew there was more to it than a full hard slog day in day out. I knew one day something had to give. That was when I realised I was doing it all wrong.

During my second attempt to build Kellie & Co Design Studio, I learnt that niching both my services and my clients I learnt that I was good at this thing called marketing.

And while working with gorgeous clients and doing a huge amount of research about building a brand I actually got good at it so I implemented what I learnt with my clients. They were ecstatic! I learnt how powerful a brand can be.

And a brand is not what you may think.

The Power of a Brand

Donning a brand provides you with so many choices, and it's way more powerful to say no to the work that doesn't light you up and and you're certainly more in control how you do business.

Going through some fundamental yet powerful steps to develop a brand will give you the power of choices. 

A brand is not your branding. Your branding is a small part of your overall brand.

A brand is your AMBASSADOR to the world...

it says who you are and how you help your clients -

it's what you believe in,

what you stand for,

why you and why should people care?

Have you answered these questions yet for your business?

If not, read on...

My Philosophy

If you build a brand that’s unstoppable, and build one that you're passionate about and who you love to help, this is the foundation of propelling you and your business beyond 5 years.

If you design a brand that's unforgettable - for your website, social media and all your online platforms - so that you stand out is another foundation that will propel you and your business and have you standing out in the crowd.

Your brand is the beacon of light

for your audience and clients

and if you design it well, you'll soon be igniting those sales.

I welcome you, my friend, you're in the right place if you:

Are ready to amplify what you do

Want to create a brand and life that you love

Want to go from freelance to freedom

Want more clients and ignite sales

Want to grow your brand online and social media community

Would like to build an empire or simply do it in your quite power

To be more in your zone of genius

Create a personal brand but trying to figure it all out on your own is all too overwhelming,

or you’re just simply here to create your own website and brand that looks and feels just like you...

I welcome you to

The Bloom Collective


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