The Bloom Academy offers self-paced workshops where you can learn how to

create and design your own stunning brand and gorgeous graphics.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur who desires to have the freedom of creating content on the fly,

and wants to create from start to finish then these workshops

will inspire and empower you to bloom your online world.



Kind Words from others

I absolutely loved the Creative with Canva course and it really simplified how to use it and has given me confidence to use it. Kellie has a huge amount of knowledge and really spent a lot of time to make sure everyone really benefitted from doing the course.

Sarah Davies

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Kind Words from others

The Creative in Canva course run by Kellie, was just perfect for me. I loved all the tips and tricks and the links to the useful websites. It has also made me much more aware of how to use design and colours in not only canva but all aspects of my business. Thanks Kellie.

Clare Robinson


Hey Creative!

I’m Kellie Annesley-Smith and Owner of The Bloom Collective and Academy.

I’m Creative Director and been designing graphics and styling brands for my global clients at my studio for over five years. Prior to this I came from almost 20 years in corporate NZ and in the sales and marketing fields designing corporate marketing material.

From boardroom to business, I had to roll my sleeves up and get to learn what the solo-entrepreneur journey was all about. It was like learning another language to create a brand more around me, my strengths, my superpower as a heart-fuelled, creative entrepreneur - not as a corporate sales and marketing brand.

That leads me to why my Bloom Academy was created and why it has a lot to do with you, and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Over several years, I saw a gap in the market. And I’ve been speaking [& mentoring] to a whole lot of aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe, who believe they have only two roads to venture down when it comes to their website. Either pay someone to do it OR go down the DIY route.

I’m guessing you’re here because you chose the latter - that pesky DIY route. That’s ok - let’s dust you off and put it down to an experiment. ;0)

My brand’s purpose and promise are to share with aspiring entrepreneurs to create and design a brand and website, more around their personality and help them bloom a little more on the inter-webs. And be able to do it a little quicker, confidently, and more effortlessly so they can get on and do what they're supposed to be doing - like being in their zone and actually charging their worth as well as working with quality clients.


My mission is to help those who wish to be unstoppable and unforgettable - to be able to visually communicate who they are through their brand, as well as stand out from the sea of competition on social media with their graphics.

I hope to see you on one of the Workshops or in the Bloom Academy membership real soon.