Before we dive into designing any graphic or branding we have to get little creative. We need to get really clear on what kind of style we want to portray for our audience. And to do this we need to do some research and get a little strategic with your vision.

You will learn in this module

You will learn and understand why it was so important to start with “YOU” in Lesson 1 and why it was necessary to discover your ideal clients in Lesson 2 before we start piecing together and styling your branding.

In this lesson you will also be introduced to the anatomy of modern branding. This is so you know what to look out for when you do your creative research.



Pinterest Video Tutorial

This lesson will take you through how to set up a secret Pinterest board as well as what topics, themes and images to pin for your Branding Board.

You will also learn a few other resources that will help with your brand-storming session.

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What’s Your Brand Style?


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Your Vision Presentation



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